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Are You Interested In Running Your Own Martial Arts School?


1. Are you interested in becoming a martial arts instructor?

2. Would you like to have all of the proven business education and coaching strategies?

3. Would you like to run your own classes and earn your own proper income at your location?

If you said “YES” to all those questions, then read on…

Starting a martial arts school is an exciting process that can go even smoother when you have a clear idea of the direction you want to take your business in. This is why knowing what systems you need in place can help you wrestle early obstacles head-on and avoid any problems that can arise in the future. 

Not to mention know how to manage your school smoothly.

Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is a fantastic world of martial arts running reality based street self-defence, boxing, MMA and ladies kickboxing & fitness combat classes.

Our systems are a true evolution in combat, fitness AND business.

Not only do our instructors receive the highest quality training, but they also learn how to open, run and maintain a professional martial arts and fitness facilities. 

Our dedicated team will help AND coach you along the way to get your skill levels up and ready to help others.

BUT – these are not just programs where you can simply apply, pay your dues, and teach.

We are looking for those who have a burning passion about learning our professional coaching skills and a desire to help others through coaching martial arts regardless if you are beginner or have some experience.

So how about it?

Let us help you start something new and change your future where you will enjoy teaching and get paid!

Find a suitable location for your martial arts school

Finding the right location for your school is an important first step. 

Firstly, you want to weigh the difference in cost and location. 

Renting it out can be pricey, and not all spaces suit the same needs. For example, a CrossFit gym and a yoga studio would not need the same type of space as each other, so deciding what you need is a great place to start which we can help with and get started.

Hiring staff for your school

Making sure you hire the right people is an incredibly important way to keep people coming back to classes. They are the ones who make sessions entertaining and rewarding. 

Investing time and creating a good method for your hiring process is a vital part of getting your business off the ground.

This is something we can build on once you have the classes up and running.

Build your website

Having a website where potential new clients can easily find and access your website is the best way to start building up your business’s online presence.

Not only does a website help clients learn more about you, but it is a great way to show them what you offer, your prices, how they can benefit from your services, as well as how to book your classes.

We have website already set up and ready to use straight away!

Create a content marketing plan

Your marketing strategy especially at the start of your new business can be kept very simple. 

Your main goal with marketing should be to attract new customers and students.

Not to mention to help you save you money to avoid making the same mistakes we had to go through.

We will also help you to create a plan including a mixture of easy-to-implement content marketing strategies to help you grow early on.

Advertise locally and using social media

Social media plays a huge role in any new business opening, and that is true for martial arts schools, gyms and studios. 

We will help you set up Facebook and advertising your new classes. 

Facebook is the most used social media platform. 

Facebook ads are a really great resource for reaching martial arts practitioners in your local area, not to mention it is a cost-effective way of marketing your new business which we can help you using our templates that is tried and tested and works for us.

Managing your costs and income

We will help you keep track of your expenses from the start when you write up your business plan and assess what your initial costs are going to be prior to opening your classes.

You then need to think about your outgoings as your business grows in a few easy steps which we will guide you through.

Getting the right insurance and cover

We will ensure that your new martial arts school is fully insured, even if your clients have signed waivers, disclaimers, and any other legal documentation you need them to sign.

As a martial arts instructor, we have martial arts school insurance that covers your staff as well as making sure you have insurance against property damage which you can use from us.

Providing memberships

We will help you set up memberships quickly and easily using our customer online app. This is very easy to use place, that is just the start of it.


There is nothing worse for you than having to chase payments from clients. Without a proper system in place, payments can slip through the cracks, clients can cancel classes at the last minute or simply not show up. 

This is where we step in. 

By helping you setting up a foolproof system, you decide when classes are paid for, and you can keep an eye on your own students cancellation so they are held accountable should they miss their payments.

Connect with a business coach or mentor 

Knowing that it is ok to ask for help is the sign of a good Instructor willing to learn.

Starting any business is alot of work and there are experts out there who know the ins and outs of getting a fitness business off the ground with their proven experience and this is where we can help you.

Getting started

While setting up your own martial arts school or classes can seem daunting at the start.

If you follow our step by step plan and our network support, you will give yourself the best chance at success. 

Using our website and implementing our solid marketing plan and getting your payments in order, these steps are essential to helping you make sure your business starts off on the right track and grows right from the beginning.

Get touch if this exactly what you looking or wanting to change your lifestyle, then get in touch and let us help you build your future with US!

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