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5 Reasons Why Families Should Train Martial Arts Together For Free

So perhaps you have been practicing Mix Martial Arts for a while, and have been thinking about getting your kids on board. 

Well, we think that is a fantastic idea, and you should definitely train together as a family! 

Apart from gaining the necessary skills to protect yourself, working out with your kids is also a great way to keep active and grow together as family.


Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy will reveals 5 Reasons Why Parents and Kids Should Train Martial Arts and Fitness Together:

It is a great family bonding activity

Because we often get so caught up with life, we tend to neglect our family, and sometimes end up not spending enough quality time together. 

Well, that can change, if you and your family work out together. Think about it,  you all plan your training schedule in advance and set aside the required time to regularly attend classes together.

It helps the whole family to get into great shape

There is no doubt that your family will reap physical benefits such as better flexibility and greater strength.

 But did you know that the benefits go further than that? 

You will all also gain confidence and be able to stay focused. What is more, the endorphins that get released by your brains as you all work out would boost your mood. 

So expect to have heaps of fun and feel great after every training session!

It strengthens your relationship with family members

After all, a family that trains together, stays together! 

This is because you all be there for each other, to celebrate the small victories and cheer each other on during training or perhaps, just be there to encourage one another to press on during tough times.

It is a good way to work towards goals together

Besides training and drilling together, you and your kids can help each other out with complex techniques and progress as martial artists together. 

This is because there might be some techniques that you pick up faster than them, or vice versa – so you can break it down for each other and drill together till everyone gets it. 

There are bound to be moments when someone (maybe even you!) feels lazy, or unmotivated to train.

Hence, your family members can spur each other on and of course, encourage the unmotivated ones to keep up with the training. 

Also, you can all work towards your fitness goals together – be earning that next belt or losing 2kg body fat.

It encourages healthy competition

We believe that training martial arts together with your family would create some healthy competition between your kids, and maybe even for you and your other half! And this is good, because it keeps you all motivated to stay on top of your game. 

Although it is fun to compete with each other, you’ll soon realise that the most important thing is consistent self-improvement. 

So you will all work together towards getting better, and eventually become the best versions of yourselves – not only as martial artists, but as people too.

The best part about training together as a family is that you will always be on each others’ team, and no matter what, have each others’ backs. 

We believe that there’s no better team than your family, so why not start training together? 

Who knows, it might be just what you need to create an unshakable bond with your loved ones.

Train Together For Free!

Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has the answer for you, so why not give the gift of Martial Arts this Christmas and show yourself and your loved ones just how much they mean to you by starting them off on a new journey of self-discovery together?

The benefits of Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy are endless! 

Not only promoting confidence, better concentration, social skills, and fitness and stamina, but also discipline, perseverance and family bonding!

Here at Evolution Martial Arts Academy, we are offering the gift of Martial Arts this Christmas, for an entire month, to all the family for FREE!

This unmissable offer includes:

  • 6 Martial Arts sessions per week in our classes for 1 month
  • Insurance cover
  • Professional tuition from our dedicated Instructors

So, as a family, why don’t you all try something new this Christmas and New Year, show them how much you care by giving them the gift of Martial Arts and changing your lives forever.

Contact Lead Instructor Paul Shears 07511218546 and take advantage of this special OFFER…..

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