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Now this seems to be very common with kids that they are shy when they face something new or unusual. 

Parents bring their kids to my martial arts classes to help them to overcome their shyness so they can learn to cope with new adventures, going to a new school, new classes and much much more. 

This is an important training tool to help them to progress in their life and overcome their fear of limitations. Parents will do what is best for their child and that is to help them to flourish and protect them from the wicked society. 

Unfortunately you can’t always be there to protect them 24/7 when they are out with their friends, or at school or any events they shall enter and discover. 


This is where our training comes in:

✅We help them to develop awareness.
✅Seeing the potential problem before it escalates.
✅Self esteem and confidence building.
Build social skills by interacting with other children (you can only do this by actually attending clubs or schools, not at home watching tv or playing games)
Learn to understand and build relationship around you.
These are very important tools that will develop your child’s future and help them face challenging times and you will overcome these issue by training at my school and developing these skills. 
Staying at home and hoping their child shyness will go away, is like an ostrich sticking their head in the sand and hoping it will disappear!

Unfortunately this solution is not the answer!

The world is full of amazing discoveries and also badness so we need to help them to develop their tools to deal with this and by doing this, is simply overcoming their shyness is attending the schools.
Kids must be able to express themselves and flourish so their potential talent can be recognised and seeing their wonderful skills that we suppress because we don’t push them or help them to overcome their SHYNESS.
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