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The key is knowing how much fat, protein, calories and carbs you need.
It’s impossible to cut out fat, protein, carbs and calories out of your diet as every single food has these.
Here is the key…..
To reduce weight:


You would simply need to lower your carbs but have some carbs to keep your training strong or you won’t get the results or you would go into fatigue.


You need to work out how much protein you would need to maintain your muscles otherwise you body won’t give you that shape you desire and muscles do deteriorate from lack from protein and too much protein will turn into fat which will screw up your daily fat intake which is why people get frustrated cos they are confused.
People weigh themselves when they are overweight thinking they need to consume twice as much protein and this is wrong….
So let me make this clearer for you…
Average women is about 50grams to 80grams of protein per day which is roughly 0.90 gram per kilo of your bodyweight and that is not including your bodyfat but just your muscles as that is made of protein…
That’s 2 portions of meat, fish, tofu or nuts per day.
Your protein meals should be no bigger than palm of your hand and should spread throughout the day to maintain your muscles to keep them nourished.


Fat should be kept low by avoiding sugar, sweet and saturated fat and is what people struggle with the most.
Ignorance is bliss as they say because they crave it.
It’s addiction that your body wants to increase its spike of energy to support your body from crashing down.
This is very common after you had a big savoury meal and now you want something sweet…
Because again, your body is working hard to digest all that food and now wants sweet stuff to increase the fuel to help process it.
Hence the reason why we go into food coma lol
So try and avoid any saturated fat and keep it down…
So your daily fat intake should be no more than 40grams of fat per day.
If you eat a bar of chocolate then it’s ok.
It doesn’t affect it that much as long you don’t eat bars of chocolate every single day lol


Water is super important when you dieting cos it helps flush out your digestive system and keeps your hunger at bay.
So make sure to hydrate yourself throughout the day…
Hope this clears it up abit more and diet is never easy to understand….
It’s like science…
You have to figure out what works for you as we all have different genetics and height and weight.

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