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Top Tips To Change Your Mindset For Healthy Xmas

Xmas is here again…
Are you already dreading the seemingly unavoidable holiday weight gain? 
While many of us love the delicious food and drinks, the fun parties and celebrations, and the lazy days that this season entails, we don’t necessarily like what these things do to our waistlines. 
Fortunately, gaining weight doesn’t have to be your reality.
That time of year when all your diet and fitness regimens are put aside for the sake of enjoying food, and fun with your loved ones.

After all the celebration and enjoyment is done, however, you be be surprised how quickly all the hard work you put in to stay in shape goes down the drain.

So What Do You DO?

Ideally you would do what I call “train right through”  that means you train through holiday weeks as if they were any other week.

But I get it, it is not that easy when you have to defrost the turkey 2 days beforehand, pick up your in-laws from the airport, or make sure you have enough mashed potatoes because Uncle Frank is coming for dinner.

So what happens is due to all the stress and time restraints you put your own personal health and fitness on hold.

The aftermath of a holiday filled with second helpings, desserts and a few too many adult beverages is “now it is time to get back in shape”.

Is that person you?

Take advantage of these tried, tested, and proven tips to get back on track:


Here are Top lifestyle Tips to help you stay healthy and maintain your weight during this festive Xmas holiday season:


Choose low-fat options.

When preparing foods, use healthy substitutions whenever possible and avoid high sugary drinks and intakes.

Avoid alcohol before meals.

It inhibits your ability to make healthy choices. Instead, drink a glass of water to fill you up a little bit before you eat or drink any alcohols.

Watch your portion sizes.

Watch how you eat as this can also effect your waistline especially watching TV and eating at the same time!

Keep second helpings in check.

If you must go back for more, only pick two or three of your favourite items.

Go for a walk. 

Instead of napping after your big feast, take a stroll with the family. You will burn some of those calories off and spend more quality time with loved ones.

Bring something healthy to the table.

If you are going to a holiday party, take a nutritious dish with you so you know you will have at least one better-for-you option. Also, avoid standing near the buffet at the party to reduce the temptation!

Make sleep a priority.

You need the energy to choose healthy foods and to be physically active throughout the holidays.

Don’t skip your regular workouts.

Even if it is only 15-30 minutes, getting your blood pumping for a little while does a world of good.

Find ways to reduce your holiday stress.

Stress increases the amount of cortisol in your body, which makes you feel hungrier and promotes fat storage.

Increase water intake.

You can’t overlook the wonderful benefits of water to your body. Not only does it hydrate, but when consumed in recommended portions, it serves to flush the body and helps you eliminate any leftover toxins and free radicals from all those fat-heavy, calorie-dense Christmas fares.

If you have a hard time drinking plain water, convert it into a flavoured drink by adding green tea, or squeezing lemon, adding mint or cucumber to it for a refreshing twist.

Drink enough water to send you to the bathroom at least few times per day.

Rev up your metabolism.

The sooner you take steps to increase your metabolism, the sooner your body can start to really burn those extra pounds. These activities will increase your metabolism:

        * Green tea is an excellent product for increasing metabolism. Have a cup or two during the day, but if you react badly to caffeine, avoid drinking green tea at night.

        * Add some B complex to your daily vitamin intake.

        * You can also increase your metabolism by eating foods that require extra energy to digest, such as protein.

Load up on fibre.

Fibre-rich foods go hand in hand with water. They help to pull the toxins from the body that the water flushes out. Remember that your body doesn’t absorb much of the fibre, so it is main purpose is to take bad stuff with it when it is being passed out.

Fibre can be found in fruits and vegetables, especially the ones that are consumed with the skin on.
Vegetables like long beans, broccoli, and cauliflower are great sources of fibre. It’s a good idea to also include whole grains like quinoa or wild rice.

So lets keep the xmas festival healthy and happy and you won’t feel so bad when you are ready to start for 2024.

Remember……small changes all add up!

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