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The 10 Principles That Will Change Your Childs Life!

First of all, what does ‘life skill’ mean

The term ‘life skill’ is used to describe skills that are necessary for survival, self-sufficiency and productivity in everyday life. A person without these skills will be less able to function independently – they won’t know how to perform basic tasks like cooking dinner or making their own bed. 

They will also find it difficult to take care of themselves emotionally, socially and financially.

For children, it is important to start learning these different life skills from the youngest age possible so they have plenty of time to practice them before they reach adulthood. The following are some of the most useful life skills every child should know:

Using martial arts as a framework, Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy will offer THE 10 PRINCIPLES educational life skills programme that can complement their school education and their future.

The students will learn transferable skills that can be transferred into school to help them achieve their goals academically and this will help kids become more confident and independent as they grow older, it is important to teach them essential life skills.

So while they are learning martial arts, they are actually learning valuable and transferable life skills that can help them during their childhood and their future.

So are valuable 10 principle life skills they will learn at Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy…



Courtesy is the foundation of all good manner. Good manners are a way of demonstrating to others that we have respect for them. Courtesy costs you nothing but can give you everything.



Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners. Respect is earned by action alone, not self gratification. Treat others with respect and others will respect you.



Positive attitude is one of the major skills that we learn everyday and this spreads into your life, school, friendship and relationship. Being positive will help you focus on the good things and dealing with negative with the right attitude.



Courage is expressed through quality of bravery. This represent the spirit of your courage. This is not simply an act without fear, but through sheer determination and overcoming personal challenges and difficulties.



A good friendship is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. The language of friendship is not just words but also in expression. An act of good friendship will inspire them, support them, accepting who they are, compassionate and stand by them through challenging times. These are the qualities that you provide and help build a good friendship.



We FOCUS with our eyes, we FOCUS with our ears, we FOCUS with our body and we FOCUS with our mind. The act of FOCUS is giving our complete attention to what is happening now.



Self-discipline means establishing control over our habits, routines and priorities. Discipline is the bridge between our goals and accomplishments.
With self-discipline anything is possible.



Teamwork means working together. You achieve this by cooperating and helping each other by communication, listening and talking respectfully to one another. A great teammate always shares and takes turns. They are unselfish, supportive and think of their team’s needs first. They are willing to compromise to do what is best to achieve their team’s common goals.



Leadership is a value, a personal quality and fundamental skill. Leadership is about leading and mentorship. This demonstration comes from making positive decisions and act as role model to others when you lead by positive example.



A goal without a plan is just a wish. Goal setting is the first step to making the invisible, visible. A person without a goal is like a ship without a harbour, it just drifts on the sea of chance.

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