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Boxing vs Running: Which Burns More Calories?

Boxing has stormed the charts of most popular sports and workout classes over recent years. Previously considered a professional combat sport, the benefits of boxing can now reach just about anyone.

You don’t need to master boxing skills, although learning how to box safely will protect your joints when you pull on gloves to hit pads or punch bags. Even trying it could offer profound health benefits for mind and body, whether you spar or shadow box.

The benefits of boxing cover the mind, body, and soul and instils discipline and mindfulness. The notion of hitting a moving object, moving your feet, and protecting yourself demands focus like no other. Awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and surrounding environment is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you are competing, hitting bags, pads, or shadow boxing — boxing makes you mindful.

You can expect to work your core, upper, and lower body and test your hand-eye coordination, footwork, flexibility, speed, and muscle power. “The intensive nature of the sport provides a total body workout that burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than any other traditional workout.

Boxing is also viewed as one of the most mentally and physically demanding sports in the world.

Moreover, the empowering nature of boxing teaches you to relax under pressure and keep your confidence. You must shift a mindset of limitations to one of potential. Counter, or reposition and attack. Boxing allows you to tune out the noise and execute in a state of flow.

Running could develop muscle, power, and strength, depending on whether you prefer sprinting or endurance running, and it’s a potent mood booster. The exercise can strengthen your leg and core muscles, build stronger bones, improve wellbeing, and increase endurance capacity (how well your heart and lungs work). 

Boxing is a high-intensity workout that engages the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

During a boxing session, the body undergoes metabolic conditioning, which involves pushing the body to its limits and challenging the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The exact number of calories burned during a boxing session varies based on the individual’s weight, fitness level, and intensity. But a rough estimate is that boxing can burn between 500-900 calories per hour!

Post boxing workout can lead to an additional calorie burn of up to 200-300 calories extra in the hours after the boxing session!

Benefits of boxing class:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Strength building
  3. Mental health
  4. Improve cardio
  5. Better confidence
  6. Self defence
  7. Have fun
  8. Suitable for beginners and all abilities

So come along to our classes at Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy and achieve your goals with us…

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