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What I am about to tell you is privilage information.

Information that I have learnt from my life experience and trial and error.

Information that I want to share with you to help you to make changes in your life.

The most valuable information you will ever take with you for the rest of your life.

Why am I telling you all this, when I could be spending an hour with my family and my dog watching Netflix enjoying myself instead of typing this out..

well easy answer really…

Because I care….

I have been working in a warehouse for 24 years where I hated my job day in and out. I was stuck in the society where I got up and work in a job I hated and felt very depressed.

In fact I got so depressed, I have lost count I wanted to call it a day with myself.

My life was meaningless and I had no sense of purpose except to make the fat cat richer at my work.

I had no training and knowledge in how to change my life for the better because the system doesn’t teach you this.
My mindset was basically suicidal.

Now this is my chance to give something back to you guys if you want to make changes in your life for the better.
So here we go…..

“The 4 golden Nuggets”……


Without vision, is life without goals and any sense of purpose. If you want to make changes to your lifestyle, you need a vision.

Believe it or not, you can pretty much do anything you wanted to do or become. But you need to be realistic at the same time. Its no point saying that I want to become world champion swimmer or to become a president of your country.

You start with a small steps…

The most important thing in vision is believing in yourself!


Once you have a vision you need to have a plan. Without plan, you will simply fail (Trust me on this). This is the next important step to achieve your vision and how you can make it happen.

My experience, I have spent many hours and money researching online, group meetings, online meetings, private meetings etc etc where I have travelled high and low to gather much information as I can to ensure that I can build my vision up the right way while I was working in my full time warehouse job that I hated.

However this is the fuel I used to make every effort going to workshops in the evenings and weekends while people I knew was partying away enjoying themselves and here I am up in Birmingham, Derby, Sheffield, etc etc in group workshops learning about business or how to change my life for the better and make my visions happen.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!

You have 2 choices in life…. You can learn the hard way or the right way.

By saying that, the hard way is, when people who are not willing to sacrifice their time or money to invest themselves to make their dreams come true and they end up making a very expensive mistake.

(I know as I have spoken to many people who have lost everything)

The right way, would be to do your research and learn from people who have failed and succeed and willing to share this valuable info with you but this comes with a cost but it is a small price to pay in the long run.

After all, why should they give away their valuable info when they spent a fortune on themselves from their trial and error.


Now this is the next step where you need to make it happen, you have learnt all the valuable info and you got all the tools ready where you now need to put them to use.

Is it scary? Hell yes!

Because you are pretty much on your own making changes to your future. No one is going to support or guide you except yourself.

But it is totally worth it and very exciting.

Remember, believe in yourselves and things will start to change.


This is the most crucial ingredient of them all!

I have spent a whole year marketing, promoting, selling, offering etc etc before I start to see any results.
This is the reality!

Don’t believe the hype where people have become success over night…. Its is simply a bullshit.

People give up after a couple of months after not seeing any outcome and quitting.

What the hell do you expect?!

You can’t expect people to start coming to you after few weeks or months of promoting your business or vision. You need to build yourself a reputation, word of mouth, valuable services and more importantly, offering people your trust and value.

The results will start to come.

The question is, how badly do you want to succeed and make changes in your life for the better.

Thats down to you!

This concept is exactly the same as training in our classes, you cant expect results to come in a few weeks, it takes months of hard work and dedication to start seeing some results in changes in your body.

Now I know some of you may think, it’s easier said than done……of course it is easier said than done, but I am the living proof that it is possible and other many people I know that have succeeded.

But you have to be willing to do it!

I had couple of ladies in my classes who have taken my advice and now run their own dreams/vision and never looked back.

One of them became a hair dressers in her own salon.

Before I go…..

I want to leave another valuable lesson I learnt to help improve my mindset…. and I want to share this with you.

This is important as you need to be honest with yourself!

How much time do we spent online or social media looking at negative or crap? 

10mins a day, 1/2 hour a day, an hour a day?

All I can is ALOT!

What If I was to say to you, use that time and start looking at productive things you can learn and invest in yourself? Such as health, food, lifestyle, business, training, skills etc etc….

Use your time on meaningful and productive education and you will soon see that your mood will start to change to more positive and you will start to feel more motivated because of something you see that will inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

Learning something valuable has a bigger impact in your life than wasting time on negative meaningless bullshit.

So each morning, when you wake up, I want you to spend 10mins searching something that will help to inspire and make you feel that you have a purpose and vision.

Me for example, I search for how to improve my wellbeing around people, how can i help improve my classes for my students, how can I become a better role model in my classes etc etc.

This is why when you train in my classes, I am super charged, motivated and dedicated ensuring that you get that quality training. I don’t mess around and I certainly do not make things easier for you lol. I am tough because I care and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now you have this valuable information and some guidance for 2023, so what is your vision and how you going achieve it and how badly do you want to achieve it?

Come along to Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness academy for your FREE TRIAL…

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