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I notice on this Facebook that there is a lot of kids being bullied at school, outside their homes and many different places.

It baffles me why didn’t the parents invest in their kids future by building them up to protect themselves against these bullying issues in todays world.

There are a lot of schools and tools out there for you to take advantages off.

This is not me saying that the parents haven’t tried.


I lost count where parents have refused to allow their children to learn self defence and anti bullying programme at Evolution Martial Arts Academy.

I have asked them why?

It’s simply because it will increase child’s violence.

The world is filled with violence!

There’s groomers, child snatchers, many different types of bullying, physical attacking and much much more that is happening every single day!

How many times have the parents said afterwards they wished they had given their kids some self defence training which is better than nothing? 1? 2? 3?

I tell you….


I know because I have spoken to some of them.

There are over 200.000 kids commit suicide every year in UK!

Yes you read it right! OVER 200.000!!

Would the numbers decrease if they had some martial arts training to begin with? probably!

But it’s far better than not having any training.

Yes, I get it cost money to take them to martial arts school or Evolution Martial Arts Academy, but would you rather have a happy healthy child than a miserable suicidal child?

You be surprised that we can provide so much benefits and training for your child’s future that it’s a small price to pay in the long run.

If you want to know more about our classes for your kids and teenagers.

Book your free trial at Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy and come along to help invest in your childs future!

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