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A Parents Role In Helping Martial Arts

Martial arts can have an incredibly positive impact on children, it is something we regularly see in the children that attend our classes at Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy.

The quiet, shy child becoming confident and outgoing.

The overweight child becoming healthier and aware of the importance of diet and fitness.

The hyperactive child becoming more focused and self disciplined.

But these transformations are not achieved alone. It requires the effort of the three people involved, those three people being the child, the martial arts instructor, and the parent.

The child must put the effort into training.

The instructor must provide the fun, engaging, structured learning environment, that will help the child achieve their best and keep them training.

And the parent, who must provide support, encouragement, and motivation to help keep the child training and achieving their best.

If one of these parts breaks down, then the child will not achieve their full potential.

That is why I am always pleased to talk to parents about how they can help their child with their martial arts training.

It means the parent is taking an active interest in the development of their child and understands martial arts is a great way to help them.


4 Ways A Parent Can Support Their Child

In answer to their question, I always share a number of ways a parent can help their child’s martial arts training other than just financial and transportation support. 

I want to share those with you now:



There will be times your child feels they are not progressing or that martial arts training is difficult.

It is on these kinds of occasions that you will need to encourage and support them in their training.

The best way to do this, is show them how far they have progressed since starting martial arts. Maybe they have graded an number of times.

Perhaps their fitness has improved.

Or maybe they have managed to perform a technique they have been struggling with.



Like any worthwhile while activity, to get the most out of martial arts training requires consistency.

In my experience all students, from our youngest mini master to oldest member, go through phases of enjoying training, even me.

Your goal should be to keep your child training as consistently as possible.

I am sure if your child had there way they will be eating chocolate for breakfast, quit school, and spend all day playing computer games!

You are not about to let them do any of these, so don’t let them quit martial arts training!

Particularly when it teaches them to defend themselves, develops their fitness, and to ward off unwanted peer pressure.



Our Evolution academy regularly holds parent and child events and activities. Get involved with these, they are always a lot of fun and you may learn some drills you can practice with your child at home.

There are other things you can do as well such as: watch martial arts movies, read martial arts related books, take your child to martial arts events, and practice with your child at home.


Start Training Yourself

Martial Arts training can be done by anyone of any age. Whether you start at 4 or 44 you all get the same benefits.

This will also allow you to practice with your child at home and doing a rewarding activity together is a great way to build a strong relationship.


I like to share this experience I had from our former student…

Having been a martial arts instructor for over 10 years I had the pleasure of teaching hundreds if not thousands of children and adults. Consequently, I regularly bump into former students.

Whenever I meet a someone I have taught, I take the time to find out how they are doing and whats been happening in their lives.

Normally at some point in the conversation turns to martial arts, and the impact it had on their lives. This is shortly followed by a promise to start training again soon.

Having had many of these conversations in the past, I understand that though they may really want to start training again very few will ever start again.

And that is fine.

After all people are very busy, and it can be intimidating re-starting something you have stopped.

I am glad I had the chance to teach and train with them, and hopefully in some way helped them improve their lives.

However, the conversation with this former student was different.

He had been training with us when he was around 8 or 9. He was an excellent student and always gave 100% in every class he attended.

He trained with us for a few years, but just before he was getting good, he stopped attending class.

We tried to contact him and find out what was wrong but were unable to reach him or his parents.

So as my conversation with this former student turned towards martial arts he told me something quite different.

He told me quitting martial arts was one of the biggest regrets of his young life.

So I asked him, if he regretted quitting so much why did he stop training?

With a solemn look, he said he had told his parents he no longer wanted to train because he was too tired and had a lot on. 

But the real reason is he was just feeling lazy.

It was easier to sit in his room and play computer games then go to martial arts classes.

This got me wondering how many other people quit training, simply because they were feeling lazy.

How many of those come to regret that decision? And how many would still be training if they had just had a little encouragement.

In the words of David Stanley; “In life, I regret the things I didn’t do far more than the missteps I made along the way.”

In conclusion martial arts classes are one of the best activities your child to participate in, but they need you help to reap the maximum benefits from it.

If you are running into struggles and need help, stop in or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Think of this; if one more classes, or technique, or idea keeps your child from harms ways, won’t all the stress and struggle be worth it.

For more information on how our martial arts classes can benefit your child call 07511218546 or visit Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy to book your free trial….

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