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3 Toxic Things That People Hate In Martial arts

It is tough to explain why we keep showing up, day after day, week after week, year after year to struggle, sweat, and get our butts kicked in training. 

There is an ineffable feeling of satisfaction that comes from the learning process in martial arts, which transcends just the physical side.

For those like myself who grew up in the Martial Arts Dojo, it can be hard to imagine who you would be if it weren’t for the influence of Martial Arts. It has impacted virtually every sphere of my life, my daily habits, how I approach my work, my personal relationships, and my outlook towards existence on this planet.

I live and breath martial arts.

However, this emotion is contingent on the people who surround me in the process. Many of my closest friends, were people I met through martial arts. The people you meet can be the best aspect of training. 

They can be lifelong companions in the pursuit of a higher ideal. They can motivate, inspire, and make you laugh. They can share in your success and your failures with true empathy because they are walking the same path.

The people you meet can also be the worst aspect of training. They can ruin the fulfillment that you get from training with a single comment or action. You can choose your teacher, but you don’t get the luxury of picking who walks in the door to train with you.

Especially if we feel like saying to the martial arts community, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” 

Here are 3 major reasons what you should avoid at all cost:



Despite your best attempts to be compassionate or accepting, you will inevitably encounter judgmental people. You can typically tell if someone is judgmental early on during your interaction. They tend to be negative and sarcastic. They are also often demeaning towards others, whether to their face or behind their back. 

When you are around a judgmental person, you may feel anxious, annoyed, or insecure in their presence.

This is why it is important that you step into our Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy and feel already part of the non-judgemental community and feel accepted.



One of the students in the past has said in the class, “Your ego is an animal.” 

I thought that was quite profound. 

On the one hand, martial arts can be a way to let the ego off the leash and stretch its legs. On the other hand, the ego can also limit your potential and blind you to the truth.

Everyone has an ego, and it plays a part in learning.

However, when your ego controls you, it both limits your training and makes you behave like a dick which a lot of people will avoid training or interacting with you.

Remember we are there to train and become the best version of ourselves.



There is more politics in martial arts than in . . . well, politics.

Dealing with the politics in a club or a wider organisation is one of the most exhausting aspects of martial arts, and distracts from the actual purpose of what we do.

Just like any industry or workplace, there will be rivalries, personality clashes, negatives and feuds. 

The disappointing thing is that martial arts are supposed to teach people to be respectful and open-minded, but it seems to have the opposite outcome for many. Especially for a pursuit that is purported to build strong character and ethics, it is disappointing to see how often jealousy and insecurity plays out behind the scenes.

The best way to manage these kinds of political rifts is to simply transcend them. Keep your eyes on your goals, in terms of remembering why you go to class in the first place. 

Presumably you are there to train, learn, and improve, leave the politics at the Evolution Martial Arts Academies door.



The Evolution martial arts Academy community is about propping each other up instead of tearing each other down. 

Unfortunately, all too often judgement, ego, and politics become obstacles that ruin the experience of what would otherwise be an awesome endeavour for everyone.

I have met lots of outstanding people through martial arts, and I am really hoping that trend continues in the future. 

However, if we don’t address the issues in our martial arts industry and communities, pretty soon all the nice people will be driven away and we will be left with only those we wouldn’t want to share even our lunch with, let alone our skill development or wonderful experiences.

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