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4 Important Tips That Every MMA Classes Must Do!

Achieving the goals you are pursuing as a student of Mixed Martial Arts takes focus and hard work. 

It can seem daunting as you regularly put in the work to improve as an individual and as a trainer. 

To help you stay motivated and continue to progress, we have compiled a handful of practical tips that will help you get more out of every MMA class here at Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy…


Set goals

With every major goal, it helps to have micro-goals along the way. 

Micro-goals should help you work towards bigger milestones you hope to achieve. 

Here are a handful of micro-goal examples:
    1. Train a minimum of three times a week to gain experience and sharpen your skills.
    2. Do strength and conditioning twice a week for injury prevention which will increase the amount of time you can train.
    3. Attend grading seminars to build your skills towards your black belt and beyond.
    4. Set a mini goal for each time you spar/roll such as pulling off a specific escape or a submission or drills you have been struggling with.

Ask questions

There is a good chance that in every class you attend, someone else has the same questions you have. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your instructor/coach. 

Your instructors and coaches will help you improve your technique and help you understand how to refine your technique. You can also gain a lot of value in asking for guidance from your teammates who have more experience. 

Something that makes MMA training rewarding is you are consistently surrounded by people who are wanting to push themselves and get better every day.


Be deliberate when practicing techniques

Pay attention to the details that are shared in every class. 

You will make real progress as you try to be intentional about your movements and how to execute moves you have been taught. 

One quote to think about comes from Bruce Lee when he said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”. 

Just because you feel like you have done a move enough times doesn’t mean you should stop. 

Keep drilling techniques until your instructor tells you it is time to transition to something else.


Have fun!

One of the secrets to progressing as a fighter is to have fun while training! 

Sure, it is important to take your training seriously since there is a risk of injury but you also need to enjoy what you are doing. 

Finding ways to have fun in your MMA classes will help you stay motivated and not be discouraged.

All of the simple tips shared above will help you make real progress in your journey as a fighter. 

Remember that the journey takes time so be patient with yourself. 

Everyone here at Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has your back and is invested in your success.

 You will be able to continually improve as you put in the work and learn from your coaches and teammates!

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