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Is It Better To Train In The Summer Or In The Winter?

Whatever workout you do, the cold weather will max out your caloric burn.

This is due to the body working much harder to keep its core temperature regulated. As the body works to stay warm, the metabolism is kicked into overdrive and your body burns through more calories and fat.

As the weather gets colder and rain/snow come along, we all fight the same feeling.

We tell ourselves that we want to go out and train, but at the same time, we just…really want to stay inside.

This is part of this time of year, and we know how it feels.

But there are a lot of great, important reasons to keep training throughout the winter–from mental health, all the way through to not losing everything you have built during the warmer months.

Let’s replace the reasons not to train with reasons to get out and get the job done.


Here are list of different things why training is more effective in winter than summer:

Don’t lose what you have built

If you had a nice, active summer, you are coming into the winter with a good fitness foundation. 

Keeping up that work and not losing what you have built is one of the biggest reasons to stick with it in the winter.


Mental health

Short days, grey afternoons, and cold temps can affect your mood. 

For some of us, keeping up positive energy becomes harder in the winter–so making sure you stay active and consistent in your training by moving and exercising on a regular basis can be a game changer in how your body and mind perceive these seasons.


It’s easier to start again in the spring

The more active you are during these slower, colder months, the easier it will be to get back at it when spring comes. 

You might be surprised to know that you don’t actually have to do much volume or intense workouts during fall and winter. 

Just some consistent, steady training will make a huge difference ready for next years summer.


Strengthen your foundation

Winter training is a great opportunity to work on the basics – and martial arts is a great sport. 

Slowly building your body, stability, and core strength will build confidence and be great for your overall fitness.


Preparing for next year

All warriors train ready for their battle, this mentality approach should be the same in your training ready for the winter which you are preparing for next summer.

This will build your mental aspects to become stronger and more discipline which results in your body which you will see the difference as in becoming more tone and fitter.


Cold weather makes your heart healthy

Cold weather does make your heart work harder, which strengthens an already healthy heart.

Regular cardio workout in the cold will help your body be stronger overall and help improve your cardio.

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