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Sports are more important than anti-bullying?

I was in town and met a mother and father of one of my ex students who trained with me about 3 years ago. 

Their son was about 9 years old around that time and he suddenly stopped coming to classes. I tried to contact his parents after but there was no reply!

Today I asked how he was doing and they started off telling me he was ok, but as the conversation unfolded, I find that for most of the time he is in his bedroom playing on his computer or gaming.

I suggested that he should get out more and, it would do him good to get back to classes for some exercise etc. So, I went about reminding and telling them of the benefits of martial arts tuition as well as giving them the times and days of suitable classes etc.

The next part of the conversation had me scratching my head in disbelief!

The dad said it would be a good idea but the times don’t work for them because he has football on these days. 

His mum adds saying, now that he is in high school he is getting bullied too which has twice left him with a blackened eye and the school just brush it under the carpet!

As I was about to say something dad says “oh, but he loves his football and won’t give it up for anything!!!

Well to my surprise, football is more important than being able to learn how to protect himself?!

He might learn how to stop the bullying! Locking himself in his room to play games, he has social anxiety and low self esteem, make him get out of his room, drive him to class if he is afraid to walk or get a bus (I do know both parents drive).

I was gobsmacked, honestly, I had to tell them he may turn into a reclusive adult with little or no social skills and a fear complex.

Yes, they did look annoyed with me saying this but the truth can sometimes show people what is important i.e. their child!

The amount of times in my life I have heard parents say “I would do anything to protect my child”

What a stupid sentiment if you allow your loved and cherished son or daughter to be bullied and have real fear of going outside. 

Protect them? then drop the football, drop the gaming get your children into something like martial arts or boxing to help invest in their future.

Yes, I am an advocate for any form of martial art and not just my classes.

If you child is getting bullied, it is your job as a parent to protect them until they can protect themselves, football on its own is not going to cut it.

Your child will grow up into an adult sooner than you think. 

They may even have a family too and what if they cannot protect that little family because of football or gaming!

Parents, we have responsibilities to invest in our kids lives and help them overcome their fear and build their life skills for their future.

There are 68 million registered people living in UK.

There are over 200.000 kids age from 8 – 17 commit suicide every year in UK!

Small price to pay in the long run to help invest in your child..

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