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Parents If you think that martial arts classes are just for kids, think again. 

Although your little one and his friends might get a kick out of their martial arts class, there are plenty of classes at Evolution academy that offer options for parents to join in as well. 

Taking a parent-child, or family, martial arts class with your kid has plenty of benefits that can help you to bond with your child and better understand what he is learning.

So here are few examples what benefit you guys will have:


According to feedback from mums and dads, they can have massive impact on a child’s experience by getting involved. What better way to show your little one just how involved you are in his/hers martial arts class than joining in? 

Doing so gives you time to bond with your child, plus it shows him or her that you are interested in their hobby and allows you to spend time together. 

Additionally, joining in on the learning gives you the opportunity to take the training home, practicing together during non-class times. This can provide your child with an extra layer of encouragement and a feeling that you are part of their learning experience..


As a parent If you don’t have time to hit the gym or don’t want to pay the extra money to hire a babysitter just so you can get a quick workout in, why don’t you join a martial arts class with your child?

This is a creative solution to finding time to exercise. 

The physical benefits of martial arts includes increased strength, better coordination and flexibility. 

Self-confidence and improved ability to focus are other important benefits.. While you might initially join your children for a martial arts class to make sure that they get these benefits, joining in yourself can have a profound effect on your own physical health as well.


Because we often get so caught up with life, we tend to neglect our family, and sometimes end up not spending enough quality time together. Well, that can change, if you and your family work out together. Think about it, you all plan your training schedule in advance and set aside the required time to regularly attend classes together.

What is more, it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and establish a deeper connection that can last throughout the years before they become teens.


Besides training and drilling together, you and your kids can help each other out with complex techniques and progress as martial artists together. This is because there might be some techniques that you pick up faster than them, or vice versa – so you can break it down for each other and drill together till everyone gets it.

There are bound to be moments when someone (maybe even you!) feels lazy, or unmotivated to train. Hence, your family members can spur each other on and of course, encourage the unmotivated ones to keep up with the training. Also, you can all work towards your fitness goals together which could be earning that next grade, or losing 2kg. 


We believe that training martial arts together with your family would create some healthy competition between your kids, and maybe even for you and your other half! And this is good, because it keeps you all motivated to stay on top of your game.

Although it’s fun to compete with each other, you all soon realise that the most important thing is consistent self-improvement. So you all work together towards getting better, and eventually become the best versions of yourselves – not only as martial artists, but as human beings too.

The best part about training together as a family is that you always be on each others’ team, and no matter what, have each others’ backs. We believe that there is no better team than your own family, so why not start training together? 

Who knows, it might be just what you need to create an unshakeable bond with your loved ones.

Come along to Evolution Martial Arts Academy and start building goals with your love ones….

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