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5 Things Your Instructor Won’t Tell You About Evolution Martial Arts Academy


It may come as a shock to many of you but the self-defence world has some pretty odd and morally bankrupt individuals within its ranks.

When Evolution Martial Arts academy first came into existence, we got more than our fair share of detractors. Comments came thick and fast such as: “Its just another fancy moves!” “That stuff won’t work!”

“The standard is low!”

“My system far better!”

“Why would you want to fight like a film character, I train for the real streets!”

And several years later the same comments are still being echoed.

So what does an instructor do about them?

Nothing! That’s right…. nothing.

You won’t find our instructors on the web talking about which style is best, who is the toughest or even trying to talk a negative view around.

The reason behind this is simple; they are too busy teaching people that want to learn!

The key aspect there is want! 

People come to our Evolution Academy because they want to learn how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

They have zero desire to get involved in a debate, politics or arguments, and our instructors are just the same, they are too busy creating a healthy environment for their students to train in.

However here are 5 aspects of Evolution Martial Arts Academy that you will not hear from other martial arts and self-defence instructors. These 5 aspects are incredibly important which I why we have taken the time to write about them here.

All we ask is that you read this article with an open mind, rather than let the opinions of a vocal minority sway your views.


1. Evolution Instructors Are Highly Experienced Martial Artists

It may come as a shock to many people but this is a choice!

That’s right, not one instructor walked into the organisation like a zombie. They all did so of their own accord. 

But who are the instructors? Are they any good?

Here is something you might not know. We have in our ranks instructors and experts in Thai Boxing, BJJ, Judo, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do and MMA.

All of these have studied hard for years in a variety of systems, many have seen the reality of violence. They still chose Evolution system.

It speaks volumes that many who have chosen Evolution Academy that have been on the martial arts journey for a long time!


2. The Instructors Teach Their Own Kids at Evolution.

It is one thing to teach a martial art or self-defence system

It is an entirely another thing when experienced self-defence instructors believe in so much that they want their kids to learn it!

This is how and why Kids was created.

The instructors themselves wanted their own children to be able to learn the same techniques that they did and they knew that this was a gift that would help them keep safe as they grow in what has become a world filled with violence and risk.


3. That ‘Thing With The Hands’ Generates Serious Power

One of the biggest things we get asked is “what’s going on with the training you make?”

It’s true.

People just don’t get it until they have seen and ‘felt it’.

We like to call it is a fundamental part of our Evolution, not because we just wanted to look different, but because it works.

We have seen many traditional martial artists and very good fighters come in and see the shapes and tilt their heads and think “that’s not for me”.

However when they get taught, and then try the techniques out the penny drops.

The students learn to generate serious power in their strikes in a short period of time!


4. Evolution Academy Works With Other Martial Arts

So you do Ninjutsu, Aikido, Judo or anything else.

This does not preclude you from training in Evolution Academy. It is not an exclusive way of training.

In fact, many of our students and instructors teach and train in a variety of martial arts.

We are not out there trying to replace Krav Maga, Taekwondo or anything else. Instead, you can use this to add value to your own personal development.

After all, in a fight, it is you and not your style that fights.

We have found that many martial artists add different stuff to their training to ‘fill in gaps’ in their knowledge or skill base. This doesn’t mean they are abandoning their roots.

A guy who has boxed for 20 years is not going to abandon the hooks and uppercuts that he has engrained onto his muscle memory, but they can add other technique’s, or perhaps add some street self-defence skills to their sporting ones.

Absorb what you find useful is the message!


5. Evolution is Always Evolving

Evolution is simply a name.

9 Letters put together in a sequence that signals to others what we do.

And yes others will teach our techniques and add their own variations and call those systems whatever they like.

But guess what….. Book shops had the same problem.

Years ago we saw so many book shops across the world, then an entrepreneur called Jeff Bezos changed everything when Amazon was created.

A few years later every book store had an online version of their high street shops.

But Amazon was already ahead, while others were trying to find a way to get their on-line shops to battle with Amazon, Jeff Bezos was busy creating technology that got the customer to stay a customer.

And so the Kindle was born.

To fight back we saw the launch of E-Readers, but as people focused on this. Bezos was looking at on-line grocery shopping, Drone deliveries, TV shows and more.

To quote Bezos himself
“We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the

reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.”

Evolution is just the same. We are always innovating.

We are busy when you go to sleep. We are busy when you are watching TV and we are busy when you think you know all about our classes.

This has lead to innovations that are yet to be seen, drills that are yet to be learned and a wealth of material that will forever keep advancing the martial arts.


Every martial art or self-defence system has it’s ‘haters’. You won’t find Evolution Academy hating others, in fact, we regularly train at seminars and events hosted by other martial arts organisations.

This is the key for our growth to be part of an ever growing and wonderful community. That is one that promotes respect, honesty and integrity.

So if you are reading this and feel that the views of your instructor or martial arts colleagues are holding you back from trying Evolution Martial Arts Academy, don’t let this be the case. Show your instructor this article, and come down and try us out.

You will find a warm welcome, a smile and great people at our academy.

Until next time.

Book your free trial and come along to one of our classes…..

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