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I went to school for a long time.

I started at age 4 and left college at 22.

That is 18 years.

During that time, I was a victim of numerous assaults in Plymouth. I was psychologically traumatised from verbal abuse from my own family and people around me while I was growing up.

I also witnessed others being assaulted….sometimes daily.

Do you know how many times I received education around violence?


And in this article, we talk about why children should start receiving self-defence training at age 4, and it should be part of every school curriculum.

Let’s dive in.

It isn’t School, It Is Fight Club

Every day in each school at Swindon, there is violence.

Children will be punched and kicked by people they know.

And sadly, many children will be left bruised and hurt or even worse!

The victims will not report these assaults, and it is unlikely that the school will see them happen…but they will take place.

Etched into the minds of the victims forever.

Violence and Swindon school’s are interlinked, we all know it, yet many refuse to admit it, in fact, it is at school where many of us have our first fights.

It is also the place we legally have to attend, some of the worst offenders in history went to school, so in essence, it is the one place where we people can be mass educated around subjects.

And violence needs to be one of these subjects.

A Conversation Around Violence

We shy from talking about violence, but from an early age we are taught to respect others and know right from wrong, yet many children seem to either ignore that advice or don’t receive the proper guidance from the adults in their lives.

And it is for this reason we need to start talking about violence early and often.

This is not about teaching 4 years olds to fight, that is not what I mean.

But teaching them about respect, and the effects hitting others can have, such as soft tissue injury and what bruising actually is, these are healthy conversations to have.

And as children age, we should also talk about knife crime, bullying, gangs and sexual violence, respecting women, good manners and much more.

These conversations should not be left to the children to have via social media.

As adults, educators need to control the narrative around violence.

Inspiration Around Combat

There will always be those who are more naturally violent, and yes, these need identifying early, and this aggression needs to be channelled.

The martial arts is a perfect vehicle for these children to be directed towards.

But more than this the martial arts provide a superb educational influence, with almost all arts coming from different cultures, learning about these arts will offer extensive experience around cultures and respect.

But not only this, our children should be inspired around those who used violence in sport.

From boxers to kickboxers and Judoka, these sporting heroes should be discussed and studied amongst the topic of violence.

Physical Skills Should Be Taught Slowly And Steadily

Eventually, the physical side of martial arts and self-defence should be taught.

Not because we want kids to fight, but they need to understand what they and others are capable of.

This is essential because we do not want any ‘easy targets’ and criminals usually target the weaker in society.

But much more than that, we are going to teach generations that the inappropriate use of violence is the sign of a weak character.

We want picking up a knife to be such an act that it would be deemed as weak’.

We want sexual assault to be seen by young men as the crime it is.

We want bullying to be a sign of weakness, and we want others to be there to stand up for those suffering.

And we do this by facing violence head-on and embracing it as part of society.

In simple terms….we want to be breeding heroes and not life wreckers.

Because the bigger and better person has the confidence to walk away from violence.


This article is just the first step, but sadly, our children are not taught about self-defence in school.

So we have to take care of this for them.

For this reason, Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has become a sensation in learning self-defence.

You can enrol your child today and start their journey and education in violence.

From understanding it, avoiding it and if required, using it to stay safe.

Thanks for reading.

Book your free trial at Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness Academy and come along to help invest in your childs future!

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