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There is a belief within the martial arts that once you get to the floor you need to be a grappler to survive. It is an understandable belief based on the success grappling arts have had within events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an amazing art and so are catch wrestling, Judo and Traditional Ju Jitsu however there is one issue that changes the dynamic of every self defence situation and that is numbers.

There are some amazing grapplers out there however what happens when you add more than one opponent? The dynamic changes completely. Have you ever heard the saying by legendary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert Carlson Gracie where he says ” punch a black belt in the face he becomes a brown belt punch him again purple”. Its a saying that I am sure has its variations across the world but the theme is correct. However I would add that if you have 2 people punching a black belt in the face or even stamping on their head their skill level reduces a lot quicker.

But what if you add 3 opponents, 4 or 5? What if you are attacked by a gang of 7 and you are forced to the floor? Experience tells us that these things happen, YouTube is littered with video footage of incidents such as that. However it still begs the question, what do you do? Just how do you deal with incidents when you face incredible odds?

The answer is not easy to find, your back will be on the floor as an angry group attacks you possibly for no reason other than ‘fun’. As part of the Evolution training we process these situations within our training. So what have we learned?

exploring uncomfortable SITUATIONS

You don’t need to be an expert to realise that when a gang attacks you then you face punches and strikes from 360 degree’s. You might be looking at one person with a bottle or glass in their hand and then get punched from behind, from a person you never knew was there. If you end up on the floor it is even worse. Your vision is even more obscured.

As much as we would like it, we simply do not have eyes in the back of our head.

The Evolution training which you can see in our classes, is a tiny glimpse into the type of training we do, exploring new angles and working from uncomfortable positions. We aim to push our training beyond conventional boundraries

It would be easy to ignore 7 on one gang attacks in training but why would instructors ignore these situations?

Because those types of odds are difficult to deal with, because traditional training doesn’t like to place us in positions, we may not be able to win?

These may be some of the reasons behind this, however at Evolution Academy we want to stare into the abyss that makes others uncomfortable, we explore the situations where your back is on the floor, where you have been punched really hard and put on your back or where you may be bleeding and have one eye swollen shut!

It is only through exploring these situations can you discover that there are ways to both protect yourself and also mount and offence even when your back is flat on the floor and you have a gang around you!

it's not easy fighting a gang

We know its not easy fighting a gang but you do have options, you can fight back and not just be a victim! At Evolution Academy, years of testing we have created a training system that has evolved the ability for a person to protect themselves against a group on the ground.

We don’t make promises that our training will teach you to dispatch a gang of 7! That would be foolish, however our training will teach you how to be offensive within these situations of extreme defence, and experience tells us that if you manage to hurt one or 2 of the group then the others may start to back away as they consider their own safety.  People attack in gangs because it gives them safety, they feel any chance of them coming to harm gets reduced. Its true, but just imagine what could happen if you changed that dynamic, and you could actually hurt one or two?

protect your head

Dealing with gang assaults starts with protecting yourself as much as you can.

Protecting the brain is a key part of this because if you get knocked out then you lose the ability do anything and are at the mercy of the attackers. And as we know attackers show little mercy!

Our style has been specifically developed to help you survive incidents such as gang attacks, even when you end up on the floor.  You have CCTV footage showing a young couple that get attacked by a gang. We are not trying to shock you however this footage shows that in a multiple attacker situation you need to protect yourself from all angles, and be able to fight back from all positions!

I hope you have enjoyed this little post and it re enforces why Evolution Academy training is so special and at the same time so unique.

Our training is ideal for all martial artists including grappler’s because the training drills, techniques and strategies are unique and will add value to your existing training So if you are already an experience grappler or striker then come along and try our program. You will find that it might just enhance your current training programme and take your individual skill to the next level.

Thanks for reading….

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