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So the New Year is almost here, and it seems as if a year flashed by us yet again.

However for some, was not a great year and many fell victim to attacks and some were fatal.

Even as recently as New Years Eve we saw several people lose their lives as a result of stabbings in London

In this article, we hope to look at what we feel will be the self-defence factors you need to focus on/consider in the coming year.

1. Terrorism

The incidents in London and elsewhere where terrorists attack passers-by with weapons in shocking attacks could happen again.

We hope they won’t, but I  think we all realise that attacks of this nature could happen again.

We can never advise as to what to do or how to handle these incidents because each one is different and our readers are of all levels of ability and background.

However, you should speak to your instructors who might be able to offer you advice.

2. Acid Attacks

We saw the rise of acid attacks and these are likely to continue.

Words cannot describe what scum people who do this really are, but acid attacks are on the rise.

Sadly the nature of these attacks are life-changing.

3. Mobile Attacks

Ever since the smartphone came out, we have seen a  sharp rise

in the recording of people attacking others on camera.

These recordings are then shared online and go viral.

It is without a doubt that we will see more ‘live’ attacks being recorded and shared online as well.

4. Group Attacks

I have no evidence to suggest that group attacks will continue to rise but I think it is a gut feeling.

After all, we see so many of them on Facebook and YouTube.

My gut feeling is that these group attacks will involve/ be instigated by ‘gangs’. For example, you might be out one evening and pop into the local fast food chain only to have some 17-year-old idiot abuse you.

These ‘groups’ of young adults can be dangerous in small or large numbers, and if they are trying to increase social status, this could be a route to their success.

5. Increased Skill

We know that people like to keep themselves fit these days and fitness is a huge part of the ability to fight.

Yet we have seen massive increases in the popularity of MMA, and the generation that grew up watching UFC as a major sport (not No holds barred fighting on VHS like myself) are now old enough to drink in bars.

I think we will see street fights have a degree of skill to them.

My money is on more skilled takedowns in the street, more choke holds and arm/ leg locks being applied, so you need to know how to deal with that stuff.

6. Knife Crime

I never believe any figures when I see them released by governments.

They can be easily manipulated to make things look better than they are

Instead, I  trust my gut, and my gut thinks that Knife crime will rise.

Is this scaremongering?

No, I think it is common sense to think that more young people are carrying weapons as there are fewer police officers on duty conducting fewer stop searches.

Just my view but if the risk of being caught is less then people will carry weapons.

Ok, so what should you do?

I would love to tell you ‘all you need to do is grab here, do this etc etc.’

But this is not story time, and you are not seven years old.

The world can be a terrible place, and you know this, but you can do something.

You can get your backside into self-defence training.

No one is saying you need to become the next Bruce Lee, but by giving a few hours a week and a tiny bit of money to your instructor, you will invest in your own safety.

That is how I see self-defence, as an investment into your own safety.

This investment could be training, it might be online training, and at home practice, you do what you can. Because that is part of the battle, you need to put in the time.

Right now you have a choice; you can walk into 21st century and ‘maybe’ have the skills to protect yourself if things go wrong or you can INVEST in your skill base.

You can learn how to protect yourself by seeking out skilled training and then putting the time in.

I say this as someone that can protect themselves; it is a skill that I have invested a lot of time and money to obtain.

But it is through my training that I feel that I have options if faced with a terrible attack.

I might not be able to deal with everything that could happen, but that is life. However, I have given myself a chance to fight back should I need to.

My recommendation to people is to invest in your training because you never know when or how you might come to use it.

Have a great year and thanks for reading

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