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Body Blitz Live Stream Fitness Workout

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we know, it is still important to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and is crucial to your overall wellbeing.
We have come together to amp up at-home live-streaming Body Blitz fitness workout.
Broadcasting straight from my home to yours for 30mins of solid intense workout!


The beauty of stream live online workouts is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere with enough space and a solid Wi-Fi connection that brings a little joy into your day.

Let’s be honest: When Facebook Live first came on the scene, no one quite knew what to make of it. But the platform has quickly proved its usefulness, especially in the fitness world where access to amazing workouts has come more democratized than ever.

All you have to do is join our Facebook private group where you will have awesome, insane and intense workout with me twice a week totally FREE!

Body Blitz is an intense 30min workout where you don’t need any equipment except some space around you and a bottle of water.

This programme is a combination of kickboxing and intense fitness workout together. You don’t need to be experience, fit or young to do this workout except to have open mind and enjoy the journey with me to your goals!

For live streaming we use Zoom app which we send the invitation link to Body Blitz Online Fitness Workout in Facebook group page and everyone just simply click on that link and you will log on to live stream on Zoom ready to start!

You just simply click on this Facebook private members group link here and invite yourself and I will welcome you to the group ready for some cool fitness training with us!

We have classes run every Monday and Thursday from 6.30pm to 7pm.

My recommendation is to do at least 3 workouts a week to get results… but obviously the more you do the better 😉

All you need to wear is your comfortable gym clothing such as shorts, t-shirt and make sure you have bottle of water ready!

If you missed it due to your work or life circumstances, don’t worry about it as we record the session and install it in our private Facebook page where you can catch up in your own time!

You don’t have to put your cam on to see me. You can leave your cam switched off as long as you can see me.

Then there’s no better time to start turning your life around than now!

These workouts are made so you can go at your own pace and adjust the intensity depending on your fitness levels. 

This way if you haven’t worked out for a while this is a great place to start because not only will it get you results fast (you also be motivated to keep at it), but it’s super fun workouts to do too!

To be honest, it all depends on the type and severity of your injury and if you got the thumbs up from your doctor then you just need to take it easy to start with and build yourself back up slowly.

However, I’ve made the workouts in a way that allow you to go at your own pace and substitute exercises that might bother your injury.

No problem!

Just simply leave the group and thats it really!

You’ll just be missing out on all the badass workout and results you’d get from being a member of Body Blitz Fitness Workout.



This is me when I was depressed and it can swallow you up leaving you feeling like nothing.

It’s all in the mindset and once you switch that around, you be surprised of what you can accomplish and how much you can achieve.

Always remember why you come to my classes and why you started in the first place.

Everyone has different reasons why we started, however it is important that we need to get you from A to B.

Results comes with hard work and if you are realistic with your goals and willing, then nothing is impossible.

However it is important to have fun along the way and this is what gets you the results.